Contemporary duvet covers

Contemporary duvet covers – explained

Most people don’t realize this but when it comes to improving the aesthetics of a bedroom the easiest way to go is with contemporary duvet covers. They’re always relatively easy to find, don’t waste too much space and are always easy on the eye. Contemporary duvet covers never go out of style when it comes to bedroom decorating. I for one recently purchased a couple of contemporary duvet covers and I was pleased with the end result – a nicer looking bedroom with a contemporary duvet covers that just lighted up the room.

Choosing the colors of your contemporary duvet covers is an important step when picking out contemporary duvet covers; it’s been proved that pastel like colors improve the ambiance of your bedroom and also give a warm, calming feeling. If you’re looking to make your bedroom perfect for a healthier sleep then contemporary duvet covers are the way to go.

Contemporary duvet covers are simply modern duvet covers and as you would expect they come in a variety of prices, shapes and sizes. To make sure you pick out the right duvet covers just read the articles on our website and you’ll be more than fine.

contemporary duvet covers

contemporary duvet covers

About Modern Duvet Covers

Modern duvet covers explained

What are modern duvet covers you might ask ?  Well, a modern duvet cover is just a nicer name for a comforter cover. A comforter cover or a modern duvet cover is ideal for protecting your down comforter and it’s also a nice addition to any bedroom. A duvet cover can add to the personality of a bedroom being a nice improvement to any bedroom. The sole purpose of duvet covers is to protect the comforter but they’re also used to decorate a bedroom and make it look nicer. Duvet covers are a quick and easy way to decorate your room and add a drop of style to it. Duvet covers aren’t big and bulky so they’re easy to store and don’t take up much space. Duvet covers can be used in the summer as well as in the winter as they’re really for general purpose usage.

Modern duvet covers come in different shapes, models and are made out of a variety of fabrics – including linen, cotton, flannel, velvet and many more. The best thing about modern duvet covers is that they’re a snap to use and aren’t very expensive either. And if you’re still not convinced I suggest checking out our king duvet covers website – you’ll be impressed for sure. If you’re looking for a change around your house without too much of a hassle modern duvet covers are right up your alley.

modern duvet covers

modern duvet covers

Linen duvet covers

linen duvet covers

linen duvet covers

Linen duvet covers explained

Linen duvet covers are some of the best modern duvet covers renowned for their durability and coziness during the summer time. Linen duvet covers are made out of a textile material that’s harvested from the flax plant, a fabric that’s labor intensive to manufacturers but when it’s made into garments it has the ability to keep the temperature down in hot weather.

Linen duvet covers aren’t anything new to anyone that’s already owned a duvet cover previously – it’s only different from the fabric point of view. Linen is famous for it’s thermal properties and although linen duvet covers cost a pretty penny they’re still a good bargain considering what they’re offering in comparisons with the other type of duvet covers.

A linen duvet cover is a sound investment into your bedroom’s future, meaning you’ll be investing in your future when purchasing a linen duvet cover. As I have previously mentioned linen duvet covers are renowned for their durability and reliability and should last for years if cared for properly.

Washing it shouldn’t really be a chore as the fabric their made of make them the ideal candidate for machine washing. Another advantage of linen duvet covers is that they only require a damp of heat to dry off.

As usual to purchase linen duvet covers you should try searching at the local stores but if that doesn’t help, you could always try searching on the Internet – and just to name a few of the places where you’re most likely going to find some linen duvet covers you could try Amazon, eBay or Bizrate.

Velvet duvet covers

Velvet duvet covers explained

velvet duvet covers

velvet duvet covers

Another very popular type of modern duvet covers are the velvet duvet covers. The definition of velvet is a silky densely piled fabric with a plain back or more simply put a really cozy material that’s really nice to the touch and keeps you warm in the winter. A velvet duvet cover is made up of an enhanced lustrous fabric that provides a really smooth feel and high luster. Although the term of velvet duvet cover is just generic – meaning there are variations of this fabric such as the acrylic velvet duvet covers and the cotton velvet covers. The aforementioned are just a few of the big names but you could also easily find a very soft type of duvet cover and that’s the silk velvet duvet cover.

The velvet duvet covers are like the Cadillac of duvet covers – meaning they’re better in almost every aspect – they’re cozier, they keep more warm in the winter, they look nicer and they’re better overall. Velvet duvet covers aren’t hard to find at all – you can find them at every specialized store and not only. You could easily purchase a set of velvet duvet covers from eBay, Amazon or Bizrate at dirt cheap prices if you know what you should be looking for.

Velvet duvet covers aren’t the most expensive type of duvet covers – the ones that are really expensive are the luxury duvet covers, but more about them in a future article – but they’re not cheap either. The prices for velvet duvet covers range from $50 to $200 and even more – depending on the type, size, color, fabric and manufacturer.

Flannel duvet covers

Flannel duvet covers explained

flannel duvet covers

flannel duvet covers

The term of flannel duvet covers is just an alternative definition to the regular duvet cover. Flannel duvet covers aren’t in any way better than the cotton duvet cover it’s just as soft and looks good as well the only visible difference is that it’s made out of an improved fabric. Modern duvet covers like the flannel duvet cover are really nice and ad a cozy comfort to any bedroom and is ideal for winter usage.

Flannel duvet covers are good to use in all seasons – in the winter they provide the needed warmth and in the summer they are absorptive and make it easy to adapt to the hot summer weather. As any other duvet cover the flannel duvet cover comes in all sizes – including: King, Queen and Twin Size. Flannel duvet covers are generally made out of organic cotton and that’s what make them so nice to the touch.

Flannel duvet covers aren’t usually made out entirely out of cotton but you can easily find some that are 100% made out of organic cotton. Different manufacturers use different ways to create their duvet covers and so you might notice that Portugal makes their duvet covers with either 160g or 135 of cotton per square meter whilst other manufacturing countries use a different ratio. Different cotton ratios translates into having a duvet cover with different thermal properties, thus a duvet cover with a higher ratio of cotton will keep you warmer in the winter but it won’t perform so well in the summer.

Duvet covers come in different sizes, shapes and types and although they are mostly differentiated by fabric you could try looking up a few of these names: Euro Pecan Flannel Duvet Cover, Paisley flannel duvet cover and sham set, Pinzon 100% Cotton Solid Flannel Duvet Cover Brand new duvet cover to fit queen or twin size, Coyuchi organic cotton flannel duvet cover fits twin sized comforters and Wamsutta 100% cotton flannel duvet. There are various flannel duvet covers available for sale online hence you should take some time to investigate into all the models, fabrics, sizes and types.

Flannel duvet covers are easy to purchase online – some of the places where you could easily purchase one would be at Amazon, eBay and Bizrate – just to name a few. Prices on flannel duvet covers vary from $15 to $200 and even more depending on the type of fabric, size, model and manufacturer. To start purchasing flannel duvet covers you should visit Amazon and try reading some of the reviews on flannel duvet covers from there just to make an idea of what’s good and what’s not.

Cotton Duvet Covers

Cotton duvet covers explained

cotton duvet covers

cotton duvet covers

If you’re looking for cotton duvet covers you’ve come to the right website. Cotton duvet covers aren’t anything new and as we have already established what modern duvet covers are, I think it’s not necessary to bring that back into discussion.

A good duvet cover as we’ve previously discussed should always be able to protect and at the same time enhance your comforter. These are not the only tasks a good duvet cover has to accomplish but it also has to be able to keep your comforter clean and prevent loose down. Considering the aforementioned the best duvet covers are usually made out of cotton and thus cotton duvet covers are the best choice at the moment.

Cotton duvet covers are preferred by many because they are long lasting and versatile. A cotton duvet cover is easy to clean given the fact that it’s made out of cotton and is machine washable. A duvet cover isn’t just for covering up your comforter it also adds to the style of your bedroom giving it a more modern look.

If you’re looking to purchase a cotton duvet cover you should make sure it’s yarn and dyed for lasting color before purchasing. Another thing to keep in mind when purchasing a cotton duvet cover is to be on the look for one that’s easily textured and easy to care. Don’t worry about the washing, drying and cleaning part because cotton duvet covers are machine washable and it can tumble dry even with low heat.

Cotton duvet covers may vary by size, color, label, durability and by the type of cotton they’re made of but nonetheless all duvet covers are of great quality.